Z Diamond Color Scale

When purchasing certified diamonds it is important to understand the diamond grading criteria used by the laboratories performing the certification.how a diamond is graded

Shape does not affect the quality of the stone. If it is well cut its brilliance and value will endure no matter what. The shape of the rough diamond crystal usually dictates the shape of the stone. Las Vegas diamond wedding rings All are cut for maximum fire and brilliance, but facet shape varies with the cut and as a result, filters light differently. Additionally, some designs are more suited to a particular shape.

More weight equals more money so, many diamond cutters sacrifice brilliance to maximize carat weight and profit. It is important to realize that weight does not always equal size or beauty. Poorly cut diamonds intended to maximize size can be dull and lifeless. Some experienced cutters sacrifice weight and focus on cut to obtain the most beautiful and brilliant Hearts and Arrows diamonds on the market today. On the average, cutting a Hearts and Arrows Ideal Cut Diamond requires a 15% greater waste of the original material. The added beauty one obtains from a Hearts and Arrows diamond is well worth the sacrifice. Diamond Ideals specializes in sourcing these cutters and bringing the most beautiful diamonds to you.

A grading report also contains the stone’s color grade. A diamond’s color is evaluated by comparing it to the Gemological Institute of America’s color scale, which is based on a set of diamonds of known color. Its grade is listed as a letter of the alphabet from D through Z, with D being the most colorless and having the highest value and Z being yellow in color and having the lowest value. It also lists the diamond’s clarity, an evaluation of any natural blemishes or inclusions the stone may have inside or on its surface. The type and location of these blemishes determines the clarity grade, and therefore its value.

Obviously, I didn’t want to pay more than I had to, but with such a big-ticket item, I wanted to know I was purchasing the engagement ring from a retailer that would guide me through the process of selecting a diamond and would be there for me after the sale, as well. In the shopping process, I visited a big chain jeweler and also carefully considered whether to buy an engagement ring online.

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